Strategic Action

It’s all about context, context, context.

Context 1 –
Time, Place, Business Environment

The most important thing I've learned since becoming CEO is context. It's how your company fits in with the world and how you respond to it.

- Jeffrey Immelt

Context 2 -
Your Organization

Leadership happens in the context of your organizational culture, and the larger marketplace. Effective leadership assessment and coaching is embedded in this framework.

Context 3 –
Your Desired Workplace Climate

To create the exemplary workplace: set high standards, expect people to learn and support them to succeed. This is the coaching mindset in a nutshell.

- Noel Tichy,
The Leadership Engine

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Customized Programs for Organizations

The competitive advantage in today’s workplace is harnessing the human element.

Organizations are not just corporate structures; they are defined and shaped by the people who lead, manage and work within them. Successful organizations understand that their “human capital” is as critical as their financial capital. The question is not whether to invest in your workforce; it’s how to best invest in your people.

Whether you are designing your executive assessment program, creating a coaching skills program for any level of your organization, or refining your existing programs, LMH Services works with you to assure the alignment and integration necessary to provide outstanding programs that enhance your workforce talent.

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