Expanded View of Coaching

The coaching mindset is the engine of flourishing individuals, teams and organizations.

Coaching is an approach.

Coaching expands beyond a profession.

Coaching is

There are practical skills and attitudinal sets that can be learned and practiced at any level of your organization.

Learning organizations embrace a coaching culture.

Improved learning capacity and knowledge sharing requires cooperation between individuals and groups, free and reliable communication, and a culture of trust (Argyris, 1999).

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Coaching Skills Development Programs for Organizations

A good coach enables others to see what they fully can be.

Coaching is a mindset, an approach to interacting with people that affirms, challenges, and facilitates their best thinking manifesting in greater competence and confidence.

While there are professional coaches who dedicate their lives to honing the skills necessary to be a trusted partner to leaders and managers, there are practical coaching skills that can be learned by and useful to anyone in the workplace.

LMH Services has the expertise to design engaging, skills-building "coaching in the workplace" programs for your managers, human resource professionals or other members of your workforce.

Our programs feature:

    Key coaching skills that can be utilized in any workplace situation or environment

    Interactive exercises that promote learning by observing and learning by doing

    Use of workplace coaching scenarios

    Follow-on telecons to facilitate integration of workshop learning into real-time workplace application

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