Enhance the Value of 360s

The value of a 360-degree feedback program for your leaders and organization depends on the translation of research-based knowledge into practical application.

Consideration 1:

Is a 360-degree feedback program likely to be beneficial for our organization?

Consideration 2:

How do we develop or select the most useful 360-degree feedback instrument?

Consideration 3:

How do we effectively implement the program?

Consideration 4:

How do we interpret the feedback?

Adapted from Morgeson, Mumford, and Campion (2005).

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360-Degree Assessment Programs for Organizations

Though the map is not the journey, it guides us from here to there.

We work in an increasingly complex world. Much is expected of our leaders who must navigate a dynamic, often ambiguous course to take organizations boldly into the ever-changing future.

Just as you would not launch a strategic initiative without conducting due diligence, analyzing the data and carefully crafting a plan, your leaders are more likely to succeed when they have a road map for effective action.

A well-designed 360-degree assessment program is just such a road map. LMH Services creates programs that integrate the key essentials:

    Your organizationís leadership framework: desired behaviors consistent with organizational values and vision

    Championing by senior management and key stakeholders

    A well-designed 360-degree assessment tool, crafted for your organizationís leadership development initiative

    Adequate preparation of your leaders and their rater participants

    Careful analysis of results

    Skillful and timely feedback of results to your leaders

    Development plans that leverage each leaderís strengths and addresses key development opportunities

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