Why We Work

Many of us spend more time at work with colleagues than we do with our families. The quality of our workplace climate has a significant impact not only on our productivity but also our health and well-being, and that of our loved ones.

Research shows that most employees who change jobs don’t leave their organizations; they leave their managers. In addition, a significant percentage of employees while physically present are disengaged, resulting in lower productivity, profitability, customer loyalty and job satisfaction.

During my 25 years in the workplace, I’ve observed and studied “what makes the difference.” While not the only factor, quality of leadership, and its profound impact on every aspect of the workplace, is critical. As a result, I founded LMH Services  to partner with organizations to create vibrant, engaged workplaces through developing their leaders and leadership teams.

Meet Lynne

Lynne Hornyak is the founder of LMH Services, specializing in leadership development including executive assessment and coaching. Trained as a clinical psychologist and professional coach, she coaches professionals to be more effective, successful, and authentic in their leadership roles and careers. Lynne also brings her extensive background in assessment and evidence-based methods to the LMH Services portfolio. Certified in a variety of self-assessment and 360-degree feedback tools, her latest focus is designing customized 360-degree assessment programs for organizations.

Prior to coaching, Lynne maintained a thriving therapy practice in downtown Washington, D.C., directed a mental health clinic, taught psychology courses at the Pentagon, conducted workshops and trainings in her specialty areas, and edited two professional books. She held offices on the boards of ten non-profit organizations over a period of fifteen years. Lynne entered the emerging field of coaching in the late 1990s, bridging from clinical work to partnering with organizations. With experience across a range of industries from defense and technology through financial, legal, and consultative businesses, Lynne combines her familiarity with common leadership needs and challenges with a dedication to fully understanding each client’s personal and business context.


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