Building EI Capital

Emotional intelligence (EI) is about understanding yourself and relating to others. Reasons to value EI:

Leadership Effectiveness

Emotional intelligence has been found to be twice as important as technical skills and pure intellect for excellent performance in jobs at all levels.

Employee Performance

Leaders’ self-awareness, empathy and rapport with others drives everyone else’s moods and behavior through a neurological process called mood contagion.

Business Success

Difficult to manage relationships sabotage more business than anything else – it’s not a question of strategy.

Talent Retention

Research findings show that employees don’t leave their organizations; they leave their leaders.

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Self Assessment

Self-knowledge sets us free.

Our rapidly evolving world requires leaders be continually adaptive. That requires a mindset of openness – to take stock, to reflect on experience, to learn and stretch.

From the employee perspective, who would you rather follow -- someone who knows his strengths and limits, who understands why she does what she does, who is open to feedback and admits mistakes – or someone who appears as if he knows everything and has the one right way?

Thoughtfully-selected assessment tools can be invaluable for accelerating your self-knowledge and learning. LMH Services can provide skillful interpretation and integration of the very best tools addressing:

    Leadership style

    Emotional intelligence

    Personality and strengths

    Communication style

    Career interests

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