Gain the
Most from Your 360-Degree Feedback

In partnership with Lynne, maximize the benefits of your feedback through:


Increase your clarity and comfort by understanding the purpose and process of 360 assessment.


Decide who your most valuable sources of feedback are and how to best prepare your raters.


Receive nuanced feedback on your strengths and development opportunities through skillful interpretation of input integrated with other sources of information.

Development Planning

Chart your course of action to leverage strengths, address gaps and stretch into higher levels of competency.

360-Degree Assessment

Perception colors reality.

In our inter-connected world, leaders must work with and through others to achieve outcomes. How effectively you do that depends on far more than your knowledge, skills and abilities. It also depends on how others perceive you as a leader, which influences their willingness to collaborate with you or follow your lead.

A well-designed 360-degree assessment can be invaluable for checking the alignment between your self-perception and how others perceive your strengths, gaps, blind spots and potential. Typically, multi-rater (360-degree) feedback is gathered from managers/superiors, peers, direct reports/subordinates and may include mentors, customers and others. LMH Services can provide skillful implementation and analysis using state-of-the-art 360-degree assessment tools or one customized for your organizationís leadership framework.

360-degree assessment tools can provide nuanced feedback on your strengths and development opportunities in areas including:

    Leadership competencies

    Communication style

    Personal and interpersonal skills

    Performance dimensions

    Career stallers and derailers

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