Why Leadership Development Initiatives Succeed

LMH Services finds that three major factors influence the success of leadership development initiatives: alignment, integration and resources.


Leadership happens in the context of your organizational culture and the larger marketplace...


Leadership development programs, such as 360- degree assessments and executive coaching, can be perceived as the latest "flavor du jour" if they are not properly integrated with your organization’s strategic initiatives...


Leadership development remains a nice idea unless it has teeth - appropriated resources of time, support and money...

LMH Services works with you to assure the alignment, integration and resource capabilities necessary to provide a seamless approach to your leadership development initiative.

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Our Commitment to You

During my 25 years in the workplace, I have worked in settings that are dynamic, inspiring and thriving as well as a few that were constraining, conflictual or deadening. Curious as to “what makes the difference,” I found that the quality of leadership, while not the only factor, had a profound impact on every aspect of the workplace. As a result, I founded LMH Services to partner with organizations to create vibrant, engaged workplaces through developing their leaders and leadership teams.

Commitment to your organization. LMH Services:

Is committed to your long-term success

Takes an “insider-outsider” approach to understanding your business - in other words, knowing
   your organization in depth while maintaining an outsider’s objectivity

Works with other experts, when appropriate, to ensure that all of your organizational and
   leadership development needs are met

Seeks ongoing input and feedback during our partnership

Promotes a culture of continuous learning, within both LMH Services and the organizations
   with whom we work

Works with a select number of organizational clients in order to provide ‘high-touch,” high-value
   tailored services

Commitment to you, the leader. LMH Services:

Is committed to achieving your full leadership potential to ensure your organization’s success

Considers a trusting, confidential relationship to be the cornerstone of effective coaching

Takes a “whole person” approach, recognizing leadership is just one of your life roles

Strives to know your work setting well while maintaining an outsider’s objectivity

Respects the wisdom and experience you bring to the table, while encouraging you to stretch
   beyond known comfort zones

Considers coaching to be a partnership, and encourages ongoing feedback to fine tune the
   course of your coaching

    Contact us to discuss leadership development initiatives for your organization.