Coaching Teams for Competitive Advantage

Whether newly formed or long- standing, in partnership with Lynne your team can invigorate its performance:

Build Trust

based on strengths, transparency and follow-through

Enhance Communication

skills for sharing knowledge and coordinating work activities

Establish Rules of Engagement

promoting commitment, collaboration and productivity

Encourage and Benefit

from diverse points of view

Manage Relationships

with team members, superiors, and customers for superior results

Resolve Conflict

constructively for the benefit of all stakeholders

Enhance Team Processes

for innovation, problem-solving and decision-making

Coaching for Teams

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself. – Henry Ford

Just as leaders have their own styles and personalities, so do teams. Harnessing that power yields a major competitive advantage since most initiatives today require team effort.

There are definable characteristics of high- performing team, with specific strategies and activities that promote team performance. When a coach works with the entire team, she can understand both individual and team dynamics, promoting team climate, empowerment and effectiveness.

LMH Services can take your team performance to a higher level by:

    Enhancing cohesiveness and trust

    Clarifying roles and expectations

    Engaging mutual accountability and commitment

    Improving communication clarity and transparency

    Building constructive conflict capabilities

    Increasing the ratio of “ask to tell”

    Balancing individual and group needs

    Balancing attention to business results and the “people part”

    Do you want more for, and from, your teams?  Contact us to discuss taking your teams to their best level.