Why Work with an Executive Coach

In partnership with Lynne you will discover how to:

Articulate and Elevate

your personal vision and intent as a leader, in alignment with your organization’s mission

Enhance Communication

skills to foster direct, effective dialogue that inspires and motivates

Sharpen Strategic Thinking

by understanding and honing your unique skill set

Build and Manage

effective relationships with superiors, peers, direct reports and customers

Understand and Embrace

diverse points of view

Resolve Conflict

deal with competition, handle criticism, and work with difficult interpersonal styles

Facilitate Growth

and development of individual team members

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Coaching for Leaders

Who you are is how you lead.

Leaders have their own styles and personalities. Harnessing that power not only benefits the individual leader; it’s an essential ingredient in the organization’s growth and the welfare of its employees.

Coaching adds value to the leader and his or her organization by bringing forth each leader’s critical talents and capabilities with a keen eye to how these talents and capabilities forward the organization’s mission and success.

LMH Services takes your leadership to a higher level by coaching you to:

    Sharpen your self-knowledge – how your thinking works for you or can get in your way; maturing
      your judgment, visionary and strategic thinking with a focus on asking the right questions

    Influence others – a skill that requires greater attention to nuance as one moves up the leadership

    Develop talent – essential for excelling in today’s interactive and interdependent workplace

    Flexibly adapt your style and approach to the business context – mastering the agility necessary to
      navigate a constantly evolving and ambiguous marketplace

    Build and manage effective relationships with superiors, peers, direct reports and customers –
      essential for influencing, collaboration, and resolving conflict

    Communicate powerfully – direct, effective dialogue that enhances collaboration, provides essential
      feedback and inspires others to action

    Build confidence – to take risks and act decisively at higher levels of responsibility

    Do you want to take your leadership to the next level?  Contact us to discuss coaching options.