Why work with an Executive Coach

In partnership with Lynne you will discover how to:

Articulate and Elevate

your personal vision and intent as a leader, in alignment with your organization’s mission

Enhance Communication

skills to foster direct, effective dialogue that inspires and motivates

Sharpen Strategic Thinking

by understanding and honing your unique skill set

Build and Manage

effective relationships with superiors, peers, direct reports and customers

Understand and Embrace

diverse points of view

Resolve Conflict

deal with competition, handle criticism, and work with difficult interpersonal styles

Facilitate Growth

and development of individual team members

Develop Navigation Skills

for thriving in your dynamic organizational culture

Negotiate Your Career

path and accelerate transition into new leadership roles

Develop Your Best Self

at work, integrated with your personal life

The Buzz About Lynne

“Lynne helps me see the subtle things I do that could derail my career. She is supportive but doesn’t let me get away with rationalization or blaming others. She doesn’t tell me what to do but helps me work through possible options and solutions.” –T.S., Vice President, Fortune 100 company

“Lynne is intelligent, insightful, inspirational, sensitive and pragmatic in her approach. She helped me ‘shift my thinking’ as well as create tangible behavioral steps toward my goals. Through my work with Lynne, I was able to achieve my goal of establishing a full time coaching and consulting business, with revenues doubling my income as a clinical psychologist.” –Denise Federer, Ph.D., Federer Performance Management Group, LLC

“Lynne has an outstanding ability to ask insightful yet not leading questions that enabled me to not only find answers, but to learn how to ask myself the right questions going forward. “ – J.S., VP, Engineering

“Lynne is so professional and compassionate as she works with resistance that it is easy to see why people are able to partner with her in change.” –Marilyn B, Washington, D.C

“Lynne displayed the power of acknowledgement and being my champion to reinforce the risks I took and the accomplishments I made from the very small steps to the big leaps.” – Harry G., Senior Executive Coach, Fortune 500 company

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